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Like you, I decided that there was no more worthwhile and enjoyable way to spend my life than working with kids. I’ve been doing that since I was a counselor in a summer camp more than forty years ago. Over those years I’ve worked with and taught kids from eight to sixteen, kids by the thousands. I’ve watched and talked with scores of teachers, most good, and some who desperately wanted to be good but never got past the classroom management hurdles. I got my bachelor’s degree from the University of Delaware, my teaching credentials from the University of Denver and my master’s degree from the University of Northern Colorado. My real education, though, came from the many years I’ve spent with thousands of great kids who showed me how to be a real teacher. I am truly indebted to them. I hope to pass on to you what I’ve learned. I hope, too, that what you’ll learn from me will launch you into a wonderfully rewarding career of teaching. Peter Eric Holden

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